Nurse Development & Pathways

Research - Analysis - Design - Development
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The Project

The Nurse Professional Development & Pathways Website was created to address one of the most common reasons for low employee engagement based on a lot of feedback given via interviews as well as surveys. Once the statewide nursing committee, along with nursing leadership, decided to address this area of concern, they put in a project request with my team. Myself, along with a Project Manager and a Director met with the Nursing committee to gain a full understanding of the issues as well as the changes they were making to address them.


My first duty on this project was to help prioritize the content that had been created by the nursing committee in order to come up with the best user flows. Once that was completed I did some research on best practices to help guide the design. I created a mock up layout and had the committee review and give feedback before a prototype was built.

Solution & Feedback

Once the prototype was given approval I then created the production assets and built what is now the existing site. It is still in the piloting phase but it has received quite a bit of positive feedback, including from the system Chief Nursing Officer. More importantly to me, it has gotten good feedback from nurses, who are the real audience.