Employee Engagement Resource

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The Project

The Employee Engagement Resource website was created to help guide both employees and leaders through the process of the annual employee engagement survey and serve as a communication tool to alleviate any confusion systemwide. This started as a request from the committee that oversaw the implementation of the survey and had to field all of the questions via email on how and when to do certain actions.


This project started off with a lot of resources, both internal and from the vendor that conducts the survey. It was my duty to help organize said content, and along with a content designer we worked to put the resources in a linear heirarchy because most of what people struggled with based on feedback were very procedural tasks, such as pulling reports.

Solution & Feedback

I ended up coming up with a lot of collapseable rows to try and consolodate the content into manageable chunks so that the users didn't have to scroll forever to find what it was that they were looking to accomplish. You can take a look at the external site to see how I accomplished this.

Feedback has been wonderful on this site as well, both directly from a lot of users, but also from the committee that oversees the survey process each year and now receives far fewer questions, and the questions they do receive they can now quickly link to the website to guide the user through what they're trying to accomplish.